What Is Youth Alpha?

Youth Alpha offers a fresh and creative approach to reaching young people with the good news of Jesus Christ. It is not just about getting young people to do a course, it is ultimately about presenting them with the truth of the Christian faith and then discipling them in that faith.
Youth Alpha is different in presentation to the adult Alpha course but it does follow the same ten subjects written up in Nicky Gumbel’s book "Questions of Life". A creative short talk is given each week, a nightclub atmosphere is set up and small groups providing an environment for nurture and change.

The topics covered on Youth Alpha are:

Week 1 - Who is Jesus?

Week 2 - Why did Jesus die?

Week 3 - How can I be sure of my faith?

Week 4 -Why and how should I read the bible?

Week 5 - Why and how do I pray?

CAMP - Who is the Holy Spirit?

- What does the Holy Spirit do?

- How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

- Making the most of my life?

Week 6 - What about the occult and resisting evil?

Week 7 - How does God guide us?

Week 8 - Why and how should I tell others?

Week 9 - Does God heal people today?

Week 10 - What about church?

Peer to peer ministry makes Youth Alpha exciting and interesting for the unchurched, plus it provides training in leadership for the churched youth. Youth Alpha provides young people with their own ministry which solves the often asked question "What can we do with our youth?". This in turn cuts back on the ‘burn-out’ often found in youth leadership.
A two day camp is held about mid way through the course.
A Typical Youth Alpha Session

Pray with Youth Alpha leaders


Prepare and lay out the room

10 - 15 mins

People arrive and are welcomed

5 mins

Introductory activity/icebreaker

5 - 10 mins

Worship (from week 5)

10 mins

Main session including:

Video clips
Visual aids
Talk with illustration and
Application (where appropriate)

15 - 20 mins

Small group discussion

10 - 15 mins

End of session 5 mins


(can be cut back to 40 mins if held at school)

Total 60 - 80 mins