Preparing For Youth Alpha

To get started

  • Read this web-site
  • Read the Youth Alpha Leaders Manual
  • Look through the Youth Alpha Participants Manual
  • REGISTER YOUR COURSE - fill in the form in the Feedback section of this site.

Why register your course

  • So when youth ask where they can do the course we can recommend yours
  • So when youth ask where is a church with a good youth group we can recommend yours
  • When we are training in your city/town running a training weekend you will be invited
  • You will be on our mailing list
  • Your church will be added to our web-site
Preparing to Start
1. Select Speakers (two or three) and prepare Talks
    • Young adults and older teens have tremendous influence on young people and can often present the talks using more relevant examples than adults. If you must use an adult to present the talks make sure they have the ability to speak to young people, not at young people.
    • Make sure the jokes, material and illustrations are current, cringe free and relevant.
    • (see Session Ideas for Youth Alpha talks).
2. Select and train Leaders and Helpers for Small Groups
  • Use Youth Alpha leaders manual to train your leaders and helpers about two weeks before the course starts.
  • One week before the camp do the "Ministry Training" from the Youth Alpha Leaders Manual.
  • One and two day training courses are often run if you don’t feel you can train your team yourself.
  • (see What’s on).
  • 3. Promote the Course - Try these ideas...
    • Have an eye catching flyer which your youth can give their friends - get them to design it if you’re not feeling creative.
    • Do a "demo" Youth Alpha session for your youth group some weeks ahead. (preferably "Who is Jesus?"). This will take the mystery out of it, motivate them and make it easier for them to invite their friends.
    • Run a Youth Alpha ‘Party’ one week before, preferably the same day and time as you propose to run the course. Get youth to invite their friends. Have loads of food, loud music, exciting games and get three youth to do a 5 minute talk each on
    • (1) Christianity is NOT Boring;
      (2) Christianity is TRUE;
      (3) Christianity is RELEVANT.

      See the book "Questions of Life" by Nicky Gumble for more ideas in preparing the talk.

      At the end of the party, tell the kids then that they can come back every week, same time, for more Youth Alpha talks, food, games etc.

      4. Preparing the Youth Alpha Session:
        • Pray with leaders then explain purpose of tonight’s talk and small group discussions (15 mins)
        • Set up the room
      - night club atmosphere (dark if possible)
      - loud music
      - sport or rock video clips
      - chips, coke or lollies out on tables (15 mins)
      - Kids arrive - eat and mingle (10 mins)
        • Ice Breaker - see Youth Alpha Leaders Manual for ideas. (10 mins)
        • Talk
      • Introduction - a joke, video clip or song to set the scene of the session (3 mins)
      • Point one

      - state the point
      - illustrate the point (song, poem, video, own life story)
      - apply the point (how this applies to you as a Christian) (5 mins)

      • Point two - as above (5 mins)
      • Point three - as above (5 mins)
      • Conclusion - restate the three points made (2 mins)
        • Tips
      • use your best illustration on the most important point you want to make, keep the other illustrations brief.
      • asking a question during the introduction creates interest
      • practice your talk on tape, learn it by listening to it lots!
        • Small Groups - discussion questions are in your Youth Alpha Leaders Manual.
      don’t teach or preach, just listen, encourage and affirm. No put downs. (20 mins)
      Preparing a School Youth Alpha Session
        • You must have the room set up BEFORE they arrive as impact is important.
        • 10 mins - arrival and a very quick icebreaker game.
        • 15 mins - talk. Probably cut it back to 2 points or speak for less on 3.
        • 15 mins - small groups. Never cut back small group time, cut the talk or games first.
      - if you can microwave popcorn the first two weeks the smell attracts people.
      Have snack food (chips, choc, coke) during the small groups give out Freddo Frogs as prizes for the ice breaker games during the first two weeks.
      After the 3rd week "How Can I Be Sure of my Faith", encourage newcomers to attend the next running of Youth Alpha as this is the last session to hear the gospel.